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I've always had an interest in the history of my home town, and the development of it.
Ever since high school I have tried to be aware of things as they change so someday I could pass the lore onto my children.
One recent event is the demolition of the Ivy Lane subdivision to make way for various roadway expansions.

On these pages you will see photos I have taken of this demolition, and of the construction of the roadways.

Click here to see the official drawings of the roadways that will displace Ivy Lane.

Click here to see a satellite photo of Ivy Lane.

Along with the Ivy Lane Subdivision demolition, another house on the southeast quadrant of the intersection had to be removed.
The Ulicni's are the family that own this house - still.
Hwy 14 westbound will soon be able to exit onto County Road 3 - right on top of where their yard used to be.

Preliminary drawings of the future Victory Drive Expansion

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Post-Ivy Lane photos of the Raintree Road construction project

Click here to see More Aerial Photos of Ivy Lane.

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