Macintosh & Pre-Press Related Links

The Personal Webspace of "The Sledgehammer"

Way handy prepress utilities Type A Design
Apple's AppleScript Home Page
Bill Cheeseman's AppleScriptSourcebook
Daily AppleScript news source MacScripter
Ed Stockly's WebLogs AppleScript news site JustAppleScript
Benjamin S. Waldie's "AppleScript Guru" site AppleScript Guru
My AppleScript editor of choice Script Debugger
Scripting QuarkXPress? Here's what's fixed in version 4.11Quark FAQ
Leonard Rosenthal is a long-time Mac kind-of-a-guy LazerWare
Sal's original "nyhthawk" AppleScript site on AOL Sal's Snippets
An oldy but a goody, and still functioning under OS9.2.2 is Crond, which is Freeware Download Crond
Hard-to-find Control Panel/Firmware for PCI JackHammer cards Download FWB v1.4.5
Essential for Legacy Mac survival is TomeViewer. Download TomeViewer 1.2d4
THE interface builder for AppleScript FaceSpan
THE GIF animation tool for the Mac - GIFBuilder. It's scriptable, and it's free! GIFBuilder
Scriptable GIF generation/conversion tool for the Mac, and it's free clip2gif
ESSENTIAL JPEG utility! Progressify for the Mac. It's free, scriptable, and it works well. Does batch conversion to progressive from sequential Progressify 1.0 Fat
JPEG, it's not just for the web anymore. JPEG can be used effectively in the print world as well.
In blind tests, medium quality level JPEGs have been picked over EPS' ! JPEG Home Page
Got RGB? Got embedded fonts? Need placeable EPS'? check out "ProScript"
Got PDF? Need PostScript in an automated workflow? Callas Software
Developing web-to-print solutions? If you've got the $$$$$, this company has THE application that DOES IT ALL! OneVision
Wish PKZip existed on the Mac? Well, it does... and it's scriptable MacZIPIt
Sonnet Technologies, makers of Macintosh acceleration products Sonnet
Newer Technologies, makers of Macintosh acceleration and connectivity products Newer
XLR8 by Interex, makers of the "MachCarrier" ZIF based CPU cards XLR8
Is your idea of a "portable" Mac a G4 with built-in RAID? Check out these rackmount solutions! Marathon Computers
Need to ensure 24/7 on that Mac server? Sophisticated Circuits has ADB and soon USB products to help Sophisticated
Need a bigger drive in that PowerBook? MCE
THE PowerBook productivity site Gray's Powerpage
Serial Port Short on that new fangled G3/G4? Griffin Technologies
One of the best "pro-stock" Macintosh sites XLR8 Your Mac
Brackets & Adapters for that "muscle-car" Mac configuration ProLine
One of the most popular Macintosh news sites Macintouch
The Macintosh News Network MacNN
Old faithful, MacWEEK MacWEEK
MacGeeks news site MacGeeks
Check out these hardcore Mac speed freaks! MacGurus
Yet another MacFreak MacFREAK
One of the most popular Macintosh fix-it sites Macfixit
Every hard drive jumper setting in the world! Blue Planet
Now's here's a hunk of Motorola metal! Total Impact
Drop the SCSI snobbery! Ultra ATA (IDE) is less expensive, and now stock in all Macs see the ProMAX "TurboMAX"
BlackFire IDE to SCSI adapter for single devices BlackFire

An indespensible freeware app in my digital audio arsenal is Coaster. This app ROCKS!
And it is, of course, scriptable. Email me for details on getting the most out of Coaster.

My Audio Utility & MPEG Player of choice for the Macintosh is SoundApp by Norman Franke.
Yes, it's free, but more important to me is the fact that it's scriptable! Get SoundApp - 2.7.3 has been replaced by MacDigitalAudio

Probably my all around favorite application for the Mac is QuarkXPress
A large portion of my AppleScript knowledge centers around this very application.
Scripters have faced some interesting challenges since version 3.32, but 4.11 has shaped up nicely

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